Letter to Our Clients

Dear Valued Customers:

We are humbled to be chosen by you to protect your homes, businesses, families and memories. Mindful of that trust, we will be ever alert and always eager to serve your alarm monitoring needs, provide energy efficiency and simplify your lives by empowering you with our latest technologies.

Never in our lifetime has security been so necessary. Our homes, businesses, finances and safety are constantly threatened by outside forces. Our diligent team at our five (5) U.L. Listed and fully networked monitoring stations have thwarted break-ins, saved homes from fires and floods, and most importantly—saved lives with our rapid response to medical and police panics and Life Safety sensors. Behind these statements are real and true stories of the necessity of our services. At Fortress Security, we are constantly striving to find better ways to serve you and improve and simplify your lives with our products, services and our people.

Thank you,
FS Mgmt.