Full Automation Solutions

Enjoy a Fully Automated Home

You’re on your way to work when you realize you forgot to activate your alarm system, so you pull out your smart phone and activate the system from Fortress Security’s Total Connect app.  Lighting and temperature controls automatically shift to power-saving settings.  Later that morning, you get a text that someone is at the front door, so you check the live video feed from your phone and see that a delivery man is leaving a parcel on the porch.  Your son gets home from high school and uses his access code to unlock the door and disable the alarm system – but if he had forgotten the code again, you’d be able to remotely unlock the door for him.

The fully automated home provides an unmatched level of security and peace of mind, as well as saving you money on utility bills.  Fortress Security offers all the features you need to create the interactive security solution that’s right for you:

Basic Security Monitoring

  • 24-Hour 4G UL Monitoring for Police, Fire and EMS
  • New Honeywell Security Equipment
  • Duress Silent Panic Alert
  • Back-Up Power Supply
  • Yard Signs and Warning Decals

Sensors and Detectors

Smart Home Automation Controls

  • Keychain Remote
  • Smart Phone Remote Access
  • Text/Email Notification
  • Large Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Smart Lighting Controls
  • Smart Touch Screen Thermostat
  • Smart Automatic Door Locks

Fortress Security doesn’t believe in pre-set security “packages” that force you to pay for gadgets and services you don’t need.  Instead, our trained advisors will help you create a custom home or business security solution tailored to your specific needs.  Call us today to get started.