I Have A System

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Security System?

Whether it’s time to upgrade your existing security system, or you just want to switch security providers, Fortress Security has the products and services you need.  Fortress Security has over a decade of experience providing reliable, cost-effective security monitoring and superior customer service in Dallas/Fort Worth.

24-Hour 4G UL Monitoring for Police, Fire, and EMS

Every Fortress Security system is connected to a UL-certified central monitoring station that will call you when the alarm is triggered, and can then dispatch assistance from the Police Department, Fire Department, or Emergency Medical Services.  With the Cell Guard Unit, your alarm system’s signal is sent wirelessly (so burglars can’t disable the system by cutting your telephone wires) over the 4G wireless network, up to ten times as fast as previous 3G systems.

Fortress Security uses top-quality Honeywell Security Equipment in our security systems, so you have the peace of mind that comes from the Honeywell brand’s reputation for reliability.  Your keypad comes with a Duress Silent Panic alert, allowing you to silently notify the central monitoring station in case of an intruder in your home.  We also include a Back-Up Power Supply that will keep your security system active and protecting you for up to 48 hours in case of power failures.

Choose the Components that Meet Your Needs

Fortress Security offers a wide array of sensors and contacts that will trigger the alarm system in the case of an intruder invading your home or office.  Basic Door Sensors and Window Sensors will alert the system if a door or window is opened, while Motion Sensors sense interior movement and Glass Break Sensors are activated by the sound of glass shattering.

We also offer Carbon Monoxide Sensors to guard against the threat of invisible, odorless carbon monoxide poisoning, and Monitored Smoke Detectors that protect your home and family from fires at the earliest stage.

Control Your Security System On-The-Go

Put the controls in the palm of your hand.  With Fortress Security’s Keychain Remote, you can easily arm or disarm the system each time you leave and return to your house.  Or take a look at our Total Connect smart phone app, which offers remote access to your system no matter where you are.  You can also elect for text or email notification any time another user, or an intruder, affects your security system.

You can find even more options at our Interactive and Automation Solutions.

Fortress Security wants you to have the security system that’s perfect for you and your family. We customize every one of our home and business security solutions based on the needs of each customer.  Give us a call today, and our trained advisors will help you create the perfect security system for you.