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Why Local Security System Monitoring is the Safer Bet

Security Companies that Specialize in Regional and Local Services are Almost Always the Preferred Option to Nationwide Providers Like ADT or Vivint

When comparing choices for your home security system provider or your commercial security system options, it’s easy to look at what types of smart home automation products you can have included, how many different high-def cameras you can add, put together all the bells and whistles you want, and then choose your security company based solely on the competitive price offered.

However, in only reviewing the components and cost of your select security system, you’re missing out on the single most important qualifier for a security provider.

How well does your security company actively monitor and respond to potential threats? How secure is the security company you’ve chosen?

In almost all cases, the answer is pretty simple. Local security companies are better. Local security companies, like Fortress Security, are more adapt and in-tune with individual regions, cities and neighborhoods. National security companies like, ADT or Vivint, maintain broad brands and services lines to appeal to the mass market, less tailored for specific communities.

Why Local Security Monitoring is More Secure

  • Faster Emergency Response Time – With national home security and commercial security monitoring services, when your alarm is triggered the signal can be first received by call centers in different cities or different states, maybe even cross country. With a local security monitoring service, a signal showing a triggered alarm goes to the nearest call center, often within a 20-mile radius of your home or business.
  • Easier and More Convenient Service and Repair Calls – When your security provider is local, so is all of your security provider’s staff and technicians. Having a wealth of professional resources in the immediate area means you can get any necessary services or repairs handled immediately.
  • It’s Their Neighborhood, too – Local security providers live and work with you. They know the area, and they care about keeping the neighborhood safe and secure. They’re your neighbors.


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