Interactive and Automation Solutions

Interactive and Automation Security Solutions

Modern security systems go far beyond merely alerting the police if there’s a break-in.  Today, you can save time and money by programming and remotely controlling not only your alarm system but also your home’s lighting, temperature, access, and much more.  And of course every security system still includes Fortress Security’s award-winning 24-hour 4G UL-listed monitoring services in case of burglary, fire, or medical emergency.

Choose Your Security System Components . . .

Fortress Security offers a wide array of sensors and contacts that will trigger the alarm system in the case of an intruder invading your home or office.  Basic Door Sensors and Window Sensors will alert the system if a door or window is opened, while Motion Sensors track interior movement and Glass Break Sensors are activated by the sound of glass shattering.  We also offer Carbon Monoxide Sensors to guard against the threat of invisible, odorless carbon monoxide poisoning, and Monitored Smoke Detectors that protect your home and family from fires at the earliest stage.

. . . And Then Take it To the Next Level

Fortress Security’s Automation Solutions feature a large, full-color Touch Screen Control Panel with built-in Weather Forecasting.  With our Touch Screen Smart Thermostat, you can set heating and cooling profiles and manage energy waste.  Connect this to Z-Wave Smart Lighting controls and Smart Automatic Door Locks for a complete home automation experience that saves you both time and money.

Plus, you can run it all through the Total Connect smartphone app, which gives you remote access to adjust anything from temperature settings to door locks through your smartphone, whether you’re on the couch or on a business trip.  View security camera footage, lock or unlock doors, and check on your home’s security from your smartphone.

Fortress Security will never make you pay for gadgets and services you don’t need. We don’t have security packages – each customer gets a customized home or business security solution based on their specific security needs. To get started on creating your perfect security system, just call one of our trained advisors today.