GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Behavior & GPS Fleet Tracking Service starting at $19.99/mo.

Whether you have a whole fleet of cars or just one important vehicle you care about, it’s important to extend security beyond your business and home. Install the Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services and always know where your vehicles have been and where they’re going.

With each of these devices, you can get on-demand location and history information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll even be able to see how fast the vehicle is traveling. The system includes the ability to set up text and email alerts for any time the vehicles have moved, exceeded speed limits or traveled outside preset geographic perimeters.

Total Connect Vehicle Tracker

Honeywell Total Connect Vehicle Tracker

This compact, plug-and-play device loads directly into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port, and provides customizable data collection, including GPS real-time location, location history, and geo-fencing and speed alerts. READ MORE >>

Total Connect Asset Tracker

Honeywell Total Connect Asset Tracker

The Asset Tracker functions much like the Vehicle Tracker, but doesn’t require an OBD connection. This makes it perfect for heavy machinery, construction equipment, shipping containers, trailers, and vehicles like ATVs, motorcycles, boats, and jet skis.

Total Connect Vehicle Tracking Service App

Honeywell Total Connect GPS Vehicle Tracking App

Keep an eye on all of your vehicle data via the Total Connect App. This information can be accessed through your mobile device, smart phone, or your personal computer. Not just a vehicle tracking app, it also provides access to your security system and building automation, giving you a complete picture of the security of your property at any time.

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