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The Business Security Checklist: Are You Protected? May 15th, 2015

If you own a business, risk management is a daily concern. Not just in financial decisions, but with your physical assets as well.

Your first line of defense is awareness. Knowing what kind of protection you have and don’t have is the first step before taking action toward a more secure business.

It’s important to assess your security precautions in order to make sure you’re keeping your business, your belongings and your employees safe and sound.

So, we recommend running through a checklist of items that should be of focus as you evaluate the current state of your security measures.

The Business Security Checklist

The Property:

• Do you have security policies for your property in place? Are they clearly laid out and understood by management and your team?

• Are the boundaries of the business clearly defined?

• Are fences, gates, doors, windows and any other entrances and barriers secure and regularly checked?

• Is there established procedure for closing down and locking up the business premises at end of business hours?

• Have you kept good care of your landscaping so that your property is visible and easily surveillanced?

The Staff:

• Is your team briefed and prepared to act if there is a security breach?

• Do you have an accurate, up-to-date inventory of keys and know where they are issued?

• Have your locks been regularly checked for vulnerabilities and changed if there are keys missing?

• Does your staff wear badges or other forms of identification during business hours? How are visitors to the premises managed?

• Is your staff always meeting your security standards? Is the business able to consistently avoid rules being broken for convenience reasons?

• If there are people working outside of business hours, do you have specific security policies and procedures laid out and that are understood by those staff members?

The business security system and theft prevention:

• Do you have a business security system in place?

• Do you have signs clearly and openly displayed warning crooks that your business is protected?

• Is the equipment fully functional and constantly maintained?

• Have the alarms been regularly checked for functionality purposes?

• Do you periodically change pass codes for your security system devices?

• Are extremely valuable items secured and monitored appropriately?

• Do you have functioning cameras at all entry points and at all important areas of your business?

• Are pieces of equipment that are especially enticing to criminals—like computers, laptops, televisions, tablets and cash registers—hidden and always turned off after business hours?

After a Security Breach:

• Is your business system set up to inform the appropriate authorities if there is a breach or break in?

• Is there a policy and procedure specifically set for when there is a break in or theft? And is your entire staff up to speed on those procedures?

• Do you constantly revisit those procedures for when your business is targeted and stress their importance with the staff?

• Do you have items of importance appropriately insured? Is your business insured against a break in and theft?

While this might seem like a long list, a comprehensive evaluation is the best way to fully understand where your weak points are.

It’s possible that you did not have favorable answers to all of these questions. If that’s the case, then you’ve taken the first step towards correcting the potential risks in your security system.

Fortress is prepared to tackle any of your business security questions. If you think an upgrade might be in store for you and your business, contact us today to get in touch with an expert and see your available options.

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