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Top Viral Videos Caught on Home Security Cameras January 31st, 2018

New for 2018, Fortress is excited to offer customers enhanced security systems with Honeywell’s new high definition indoor and outdoor cameras. Great for home security and commercial security systems, Honeywell’s next generation of security cameras capture clear, crisp video, both inside and outside of your property, up to 1080p at 30 frames per second. Honeywell’s HD indoor security cameras can also record audio at your request, and all cameras offer the highest level of protection with video alarm verification capabilities.

Wondering what you could be missing without video surveillance at your home or business? Security cameras not only deter theft, improve police response time, and provide peace of mind, they also capture unexpected moments that happen every day. Below we’ve compiled a few of the most viral video captures from home security cameras to let you see what you might be missing.

What Security Cameras See

Exterior security cameras don’t just deter thieves from breaking into your home, they also provide surveillance for your neighborhood so you can see when deliveries are made…and when deliveries fail. (16M views)


Security cameras in your yard can help you keep an eye on the safety of pets outside. Or, they can provide video evidence that your French Bulldog is a tough and protective security guard. (3.6M views)


In this case, home security cameras did exactly what they were intended to do – capture footage of criminals breaking into and entering a home in Raleigh, NC, which eventually led to their arrests. (3.1M views)


Cameras inside your home can help you keep an eye on the little ones. And, can even record some behavior you’ll want to keep forever. (1.8M views)


Security cameras can do more than just help you keep thieves at bay. A proper security system and external sensory system can keep your house safe from intruders on two legs, or four. Spoiler: it’s the bears again! (23K views)


Here is another home invasion caught on camera, only this time in broad daylight. (12K views)

Get Better Security Cameras for Your Home or Business

Looking to add or upgrade your security cameras or security system? Or just want to learn more about Honeywell’s new line of HD cameras? Contact Fortress Security today or call us at 817.226.7233.

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