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The Five Essentials of Business Security Systems June 12th, 2014

If you own a business, or you’re responsible for your company’s security, you know that protecting your physical space is just as important as protecting your virtual presence. Even data breaches can originate with thieves actually entering an office and taking computer hardware or swiping passwords from post-it notes.

Business security involves some different concerns and challenges than those in home protection. Although each business will have unique needs to accommodate, there are five key functions of any complete security system. These principles can apply to offices, retail locations, or warehouses, and can be summed up in the Essential Five Ds of Business Security:

  • Deter
  • Distinguish
  • Detect
  • Delay
  • Dispatch


Most people tend to think of a security system as an alarm, but the mere presence of a good system helps discourage anyone from attempting to commit a crime on the premises in the first place. By limiting your entry point weaknesses, maintaining camera surveillance, and using emergency alert monitoring, you’ll make sure it’s clear your building is a lousy target.


The biggest challenge of protecting a business is the volume of people coming into the building on a daily basis. This may include employees, customers, contractors, delivery people, solicitors, temps, and interns. And if all of those people have an identical, easily-copied key to the front door, locking up at the end of the night is little more than a formality. With customizable keypad entry codes, you can assign and track individual codes, and then easily revoke access when needed.


Malicious intent isn’t the only risk to your physical space. A fire or flood can do thousands of dollars of damage in minutes to computer equipment, inventory, records, and the structure itself. A proper security system ensures complete integration of sensors for smoke, water, carbon monoxide, and temperature irregularities, as well as intrusion.


Perimeter protection is just the first step. Even if someone gains entry to your building, interior security measures provide an additional barrier around your most critical spaces. An extra locked door between a thief and your stock room can buy the police the few extra minutes they need to arrive and interrupt the crime in progress.


Immediate police response is key to minimizing your losses in the event of a break-in. A loud alarm might scare away a skittish intruder, but seasoned criminals know that there’s a good chance that anyone who hears it will assume someone else is calling in a report. By using an alarm monitoring service that is UL-certified and employs nationwide coverage, you’ll have police response on the scene as quickly as possible.

Does your business security system meet all of these requirements? If you have any doubts about whether you’re fully protected, contact Fortress Security to make sure your system is complete and up-to-date.

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