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The Cost of Commercial Security Systems March 16th, 2016


A thief can get away with a lot in a successful home invasion. So imagine what a typical office could offer – Jackpot!

A burglar might need more people for the heavy lifting but an office is filled with a wide array of pricey products including: computers, printers, displays, servers, copiers, and fax machines. A robbery of a company’s warehouse could possibly wipe out all of the inventory and a business in the process. What makes a place of business an easy target? Well, it is a place of business, and most likely closes every day. It is easy for a burglar to case it and decipher normal work times. Is the parking lot empty? Check. Is it after 8 PM? Check. Are the lights off? Check. According to each year companies lose billions of dollars in theft, both internal and external. So what does a commercial security system cost? What are the costs of protecting your company?

Standard Cost of a Commercial Security System

The standard cost of a commercial security system depends on how complex a system you need. An office security system to protect your assets can range from being relatively inexpensive to costing quite a bit. It mostly depends on the how much equipment is necessary to protect your assets, and the size of your space.

  1. Control Panels
  2. At a minimum you will need a control panel. This is the system’s power source and is usually hidden in a closet or server room. On average, this runs around $300 for the product and an install.

  3. Keypad
  4. Next you will need a keypad by the main entrances for people to set or disarm the alarm each day. Keypads run around $100 each. Now that you have the basics you can build up from there.

  5. Door and Window Sensors
  6. Door and window sensors would be the next line of protection to safeguard any points of entry. Each door and window sensor can run you around $50.

  7. Monitoring and Backup Systems
  8. Business owners will also pay a monthly monitoring fee which will run at a minimum around $40 a month. A backup system in case your phone line is disabled could add cost too.

Additional Security Upgrade Options

Those costs are examples of a pretty basic system. Of course, there are upgrades. You could add surveillance cameras, at multiple points, both inside or outside of the building. Cameras can be found for $175 to $350 with the range in prices due to different brand names, features and formats. Expect prices to rise when you want a higher resolution or larger formats. You can buy a digital IP security system or a standard camera system. A digital IP can cover a larger area and show more detail from afar but they take up a lot of internet data and can really slow your work internet down. Depending on how many cameras you purchase, some companies order a separate T1 or T2 internet service to cover the cameras, driving the security system costs up. An analog or standard camera can show a clear picture up to 15 feet and won’t slow your internet down, which is something to consider. Either type of camera needs to be hooked up to a recording device to capture the video. A general DVR could run $500-1000 but the more memory you add or channels you add, the more expensive it becomes.

Smart Feature Add-Ons

There are also automated “smart” add-ons, like Video Alarm Verification which includes live video streaming of the surveillance cameras on an app you can view from virtually anywhere. Keyless entry is another great way to protect the company. While you’re at it, why not save money on power drains too, with smart lighting and thermostat controls that can learn to power off when not in use? Though many of these items can be an upfront expense, adding them to your existing security set-up could save you money in the long run. In addition to these smart features, it’s also smart to put in place monitoring for environmental risks such as smoke, heat, carbon monoxide and water leak detection.

The cost of the commercial security system depends on the individual company’s needs. It’s safe to say it is a wise investment for almost any workplace.

Fortress Security is prepared to tackle any of your business security questions. If you think an upgrade might be in store for you and your business, contact us today to get in touch with an expert and explore your available options.

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