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How to Choose a Business Security System

How Do You Choose A Business Security System? March 11th, 2016

There is one universal truth amongst all business owners: your business is your livelihood. Thus, it must be protected at all costs.

When it comes to business security systems, there are plenty of viable options available to the average consumer. With the selection of companies that provide different combinations of products for home and business, it certainly makes for a daunting task trying to decide which is the more beneficial option.

By comparing products, packages, equipment, manageability and price, you can narrow down the options to the one that fits your company. Let’s take a look at four things to consider when trying to choose the appropriate alarm system.

What are your business security needs?

Some security systems are better than others when it comes to protecting different types of businesses. The first factor to consider is the kind of business you are.

A jewelry store, for example, is more likely to want the front of its office space to be extremely well-protected with multiple devices and monitoring at the entrances of the store. This type of business has high-value goods that an administrative office might not have. An IT company will want more security throughout its office, with the ability to access monitoring quickly from a mobile device. When considering companies, check to see if their security systems offer the elements you need.

What all comes with the security service they’re providing?

Keep in mind is what is included with the service you are considering. Different alarm companies include different equipment and operating systems; not all have an equal number of benefits.

While some companies will have long-term HD video storage and protection from smoke, fire, water and carbon monoxide, others might not include these services. Be sure to note which security company is providing the most opportunities to protect your business.

How do they want to secure your business?

All security companies have different methods of securing businesses and homes. First things first, a reputable company will perform a site-survey of your office to see what services are right for you. No company can tell what you need just by asking you. After all, they’re the experts, not you.

After they’ve determined what they think is your best option, keep a couple of things in mind.

First, the days of centralized alarm systems connected to a main line phone are all but extinct. The evolution of technology has given way to more advanced options. Your business alarm system should be wireless and connected to your mobile devices like a smart phone. If a security company doesn’t offer this, it’s best to move on.

Next, how convenient and easy to use is this monitoring system? Is it simple enough to change your settings quickly on a daily basis? Bonus points if you can access the system remotely in case you are out of the office or leave without remembering to change the setting to “Armed.” The monitoring service should also offer emergency responder notification immediately if you are unable to confirm a false alarm.

With the right equipment, amount of services and appropriate training, you should easily be able to manage your security monitoring. You do have more important things to occupy your time with—like running your business.

While not all alarm systems are created equally and not all business security companies offer the best products and equipment, there is an easy way to determine which one to go with once they’re laid out in front of you: which one makes you feel safer.

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