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Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000 Panel

Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000 Panel Now Available October 1st, 2014

Texas security system installer is among the first wave of companies implementing the new-to-market touchscreen for business and home automation and security monitoring.

Sept. 30, 2014 – This month, Fortress Security announces availability of the highly-anticipated Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000 (L7000) to its customers. In April, a sample of the product debuted at the popular security conference ISC West 2014. In addition to expanding the capacity of existing tools like video streaming, Honeywell has tacked on brand new technologies, including flash updates and critical elements like two-way voice over wireless communication.

“We’re excited to help Honeywell introduce this great new product that takes advantage of rapidly-advancing technology,’” said Jerrod Smith, owner of Fortress Security, headquartered in Arlington, Texas. “People are so used to being able to launch updates and communicate instantly through their mobile devices. Now their home security and automation panel can meet the expectations being driven by high frequency of app updates on phones and tablets.”

Product Highlights

Touchscreen Size: The 7” touchscreen is the largest screen size in its product class.

Video: Now sync up to four security cameras instead of just one, with capability to watch streaming video of a single feed or up to all four on the touchscreen, or remotely.

Two-way Voice Over Wifi: Using the security system’s latest and fastest 4G mobile network, you can speak directly to U.L. Listed Central Stations through your panel, immediately during an emergency. This eliminates the need for a follow-up verification phone call.

Automation of More Areas: Remote desktop or mobile app connection and control of to up to four different smart thermostats, six locks, and four garage doors, and lighting, all within 80 different programmable zones on your property.

Expanded Customization: Implement up to 48 separate user codes and 24 key fob zones with varying levels of access.

Customer Support: Need service on your system or add to your existing protection or automation? Now you can simply press the automated message button on your touchscreen and your panel will notify our Customer Service Department of your request, prompting a phone call from our highly trained customer support representatives.


Existing Fortress Security customers can request a quote to upgrade your panel, or contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or calling 866-378-9258. New customers interested in the L7000 will receive free installation and activation.

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