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Fortress Security Introduces Multi-Vehicle Monitoring Service November 10th, 2014

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Nov 10, 2014 – This month, Fortress Security launched a new vehicle-tracking service for households and businesses wanting to review location and behavior information. Leveraging Honeywell Total ConnectTM Tracking Services, GPS and diagnostic technology integrates with web-based monitoring software to collect data on all networked vehicles. The service can be integrated with the Total ConnectTM app, currently used for managing security and building automation, which gives the user a host of remote-access features.

“Our Tracking Services offer a wide range of practical uses, but ultimately, what our customers get is peace of mind that they know the drivers and their property can be instantly located if the need arises,” said Jerrod Smith, owner of Fortress Security, based in Arlington, Texas. “Some of our customers carry a high amount of risk being responsible for a number of company or family vehicles, and we’re hoping this service takes some of the worry off of their shoulders.”

Functionality goes beyond just real-time asset location. The tracking device, inserted into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port, can also relay location and behavior history, alerts when speed or geofencing limits are passed, and other customized notifications.

Components can be loaded into various types of vehicles – not just cars and trucks, but also boats, jet skis, motorcycles, RVs, and ATVs. Using an external battery addition, other high-value transportable assets like shipping containers and heavy machinery can also be tracked.

Benefits for residential users are aid in the recovery of stolen property, as well as parental supervision of a new teenage driver getting out on the road for the first time. Those with elderly loved ones may find comfort in always being able to locate their more vulnerable family members, should an emergency occur. Business applications are numerous, depending on the nature of the organization. Companies that provide delivery services, on-site visits, or vehicle rentals can easily keep tabs on their valuable property.

Tracking Services may be contracted as a standalone product or included with a customized package of services from Fortress Security, including burglar alarms, emergency monitoring, and energy management. The product is available to any existing or new Fortress customers in the Texas area, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Houston. Contact us for a quote!

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