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Choosing a Security System for the Pet-Loving Household April 25th, 2014

Over 60% of the homes in the U.S. have at least one pet.  Whether you love dogs, cats, or chinchillas, the bond between us and our pets is a powerfully positive force in our lives.  And of course, just like our homes and our human families, we want to protect our animal family members as well.

A professional, 24-7 monitored home security system is the best thing you can do to protect your home and family.  If you’re a pet-loving household, then there are a few things to keep in mind when creating the right customized security solution for you.

24-7 Monitoring

At a bare minimum, you need a monitored security system connected to a monitoring station that can alert emergency services in case of a break-in or fire.  A burglar entering a home could injure or even steal a pet, particularly a purebred dog or cat.  Even more importantly, pets can’t call the fire department for help, so monitored smoke and flame detectors could save your pets’ lives if a fire occurs while you’re not home.

Pet-Friendly Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are an important part of your home security setup, alerting the system if there’s unexplained movement in a room.  Of course, if you have dogs, cats, or other pets that roam the house while you’re away, you don’t want the alarm activated every time Rover moves from his dog bed to the food bowl.  That’s why Fortress Security offers pet-friendly motion detectors  that aren’t triggered by small animals like cats and dogs under 80 pounds.  If you have furry friends on the larger side, we offer solutions for that, too, such as monitored height adjustment for areas where your larger pets might hang out.

Glass Break Sensors

The next step is to add glass break sensors to your home security setup.  These sensors detect when a pane of glass is broken or shattered by measuring specific sonar frequencies, and they’re especially useful for larger windows or glass doors. Spooked pets often flee the scene during an emergency, so it’s wise to keep tabs on when a window or pane of glass has been broken and has become a potential escape route.

Video Camera Surveillance

Video cameras are a great way to keep track of your car, monitor the entrances to your home or business, or keep an eye on babysitters or older children home alone.  You can also use video camera surveillance  to check up on your pets while you’re away, whether they’re inside the home or in the backyard.

Fortress Security is committed to protecting all the members of your family, including the ones that have fur, feathers, and scales.  Give us a call today and one of our trained specialists will help you create the perfect home security system for your pet-loving household.

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