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Home Security System Prices – Questions to Ask When Comparing Costs January 23rd, 2015

“What does a home security system cost?” seems like a simple enough question. But shopping around between the variety of custom security system packages can be confusing.

Prices can be broken out in a number of different ways – some companies offer marginal savings on monitoring while charging for installation of basic equipment. Other systems allow you to reduce costs up front as long as you commit to a certain length of contracted monitoring service.

As you compare home security system prices, keep this list of questions handy to be sure you’re getting all of the crucial information from each business you consider.

Track Set-Up Expenses

  • Is there a fee for an initial consultation or quote?
  • How much does the equipment cost?
  • How much does professional installation cost?
  • If it isn’t free, are you paying a flat fee or by the hour?
  • Are there any up-front fees for activating your monitoring service?

Calculate Recurring Costs

  • What is the total monthly cost of all the monitoring, video streaming, and energy control services in your custom package? There is a good chance that this will be higher than the advertised price if you added on a few features. Make sure to get a precise quote.
  • How many months is your contract and are you locked into the same price for that period?

Compare Apples to Apples

Many people think of a home security system as a simple burglar alarm, but a lot of the modern control panels have updated capabilities. When comparing two systems, make sure you account for differences in equipment and service. Ask if each system includes:

  • High-resolution touch screen control panels.
  • Wireless cameras with streaming video.
  • Fire, carbon monoxide, and water leak sensors.
  • Energy control with home automation.
  • Vehicle tracking for family cars, boats, and recreational vehicles.

Review the Value to Your Family

  • Before choosing based on only the bottom line, have you included every feature you need to make your home security system worthwhile?
  • Are you getting reliable, quality equipment?
  • Will your home be monitored by 24-hour call centers that will contact police and emergency services to send help immediately?


With Fortress Security, the answer to these questions depends on what you need. We don’t offer standard packages because every family and business is different. We customize your equipment based on your home, your needs, and your budget. And on top of that, you get free installation and activation of your security system. Contact us to start building a solid and affordable system that works for you.

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