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Garage Door Security – Check for Weaknesses December 11th, 2014

Every entrance to your home needs a thorough security evaluation, and your garage is no different. Your vehicles are some of the most valuable items you own outside of your home, making them a popular target in thefts. Attached garages are highly convenient, but require a few extra basic home security measures, as they also offer another point of entry to your home. Read on to see if you follow these best practices.

Lock the entry doors. Both the exterior door and the door from the garage to the inside of your house are break-in weak points. The exterior entry to a garage is often tucked away on the back or side of the house, offering more cover than a front door or garage door that faces the main road. Make sure you have a reinforced deadbolt installed. And always lock the door leading into your home as well.

If there are windows in the garage, add blinds or curtains to cover them. Burglars like to know as much as possible about the houses they’re going to break into. If anyone can peek in, they can see exactly what kind of car or truck you drive, if you have other vehicles like bikes or ATVs, and what other items you store in your garage.

Make sure the exterior has sufficient lighting. If you don’t have floodlights above the garage door or any light at all near the service door, have them added. If you have smart home automation installed, you can set these lights to turn on and off, or connect them to motion detectors. As part of your regular yard work routine, check the bulbs on all exterior lighting.

Add a monitored garage door sensor. Automatic garage doors are good for convenience, but they offer one of the lowest barriers of security in a home. Depending on the type of garage door, a few simple tools may be enough to manually open it in minutes. As part of a home security system with remote access, you can add a garage door sensor that enables customized alerts to be sent to your mobile device when your garage is open. With remote access, you can also close the door with your smart phone if you ever have a hectic morning and forget to hit the button as you drive away.

Lock up expensive equipment. If you enjoy handy projects around the house, you probably own a few nice tools. When you’re not using these, keep them tool cabinet or chest. Smaller items are much easier and quicker to move than large ones, so a bulky, locked cabinet will make it pretty hard for anyone to make off with your gear.

Take extra precautions when you go on vacation. Career thieves are known to watch their target neighborhoods for awhile before breaking into a select house. They’ll use cues like cardboard boxes in the trash pile or what kinds of kids toys and bikes they see outside to determine what valuables you might own. They also notice when people go on vacation. With smart home automation, you can program your lights to come on at all hours of the day, creating the illusion that people are home. You can also add a padlock to the inside of your garage door to prevent it from being opened manually.


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