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Halloween Home Security October 16th, 2014

With Halloween just around the corner, moms and dads are struggling to find time to find the perfect costumes for their kids and get spooky decorations in place. Having fun is the focus of the day, so it’s easy to forget to take some security precautions.

There are many great lists of Halloween safety tips for protecting your kids as they go from house to house. But the holiday is also known for some dangerous behaviors, which can impact the security of your home.

There are two common kinds of problems more common on October 31. You may have misguided “pranksters” doing accidental or intentional minor property damage. The other risk is a bit more serious: criminals using the cover of heightened activity to stake out a break-in target.

While they differ in severity, both types of troublemakers are going to approach houses that seem to offer the least chance of getting caught. Read on to learn a few ways to make your house an unlikely choice for either group.

Check in with Neighborhood Watch

Many neighborhoods have a great neighborhood watch group or a community-wide program, like Highland Park Crime Watch Program. Get in touch with an organizer to learn what precautions are being taken, and offer help if you can. If you plan on leaving your home for any period during the night, let them know when you won’t be there. Someone may be able to walk by your home to make sure everything is OK.


Yes, bright lights and a scary Halloween atmosphere don’t quite go together. But adequate lighting is preferable for a number of reasons. Not only does it help you see the perimeter of your house clearly, but it makes the walk up to your door safer for unfamiliar trick-or-treaters so they can see where they’re stepping. Plus, many people bring young children out, who may not enjoy a scary environment as much as older kids. You can make the holiday fun for all ages, AND keep your home protected.

Out of Sight Electronics

If you’re staying home to wait for trick-or-treaters, it’s probable that you leave your screen door or curtains open so that you can see when kids are walking up. However, that often makes the interior of your home visible to anyone outside, sometimes from the distance of the sidewalk.

Keep this in mind and try to tuck away expensive gadgets out of sight. You might not go as far as to move a big television. But don’t leave every family member’s laptop on the dining room table, or a video game system laying out in plain view if you can help it.

Use Security Cameras

No one can watch their home security camera streams around the clock, but the late night hours of Halloween are probably a good time to check in a few times! If you have wireless security cameras, you can move them around to look out a front window if you’re at home and want to keep an eye on the front door. You can easily do this from the comfort of your couch, using your home security mobile app.

Fire Safety

Sometimes, the danger to our homes is our own forgetfulness. Fire prevention is a concern, with candles in pumpkins and things you only plug in one day a year, like a blacklight strip or fog machine. Make sure you blow out all candles and unplug or turn off all outdoor electrical items before you go to bed.

As a back-up measure, this is a great time to test your smoke detection monitoring systems for functionality.

Smart Parking

Depending on what’s convenient, you may usually opt to park your car in your driveway or on the street. Try to avoid that on Halloween. Park in the garage, and make sure the garage door is closed and exterior doors are locked. This will keep your vehicle safe from intentional damage or theft, as well as prevent energetic kids from causing accidental scratches.


For more information, contact us for a quote on a home security system or security camera monitoring. With same day installation available for Texas residents, there’s still plenty of time!

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