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Move-in Security Tips for Texans

New Home Move-In Security Tips September 9th, 2014

Moving into a new home brings a flurry of activity and excitement. You have so much to get unpacked and in order; but before you get settled, you want to make sure your home is secure. Read our to-do list for moving into a new place.

Change locks on all doors. This should be one of the first things you do when renting or buying a home. Even if you know the former residents and trust them, you never know who they lent a key to once and forgot about.

Reprogram your garage door. Like keys, there can be multiple openers calibrated to one garage door opener, and you may not be in possession of all of them when you move in. Limiting access to all of your property is ideal, even if your garage is detatched from your home. These devices differ, so look into the reset process of your particular model.

Check windows to make sure they function properly and that all locks are in good shape. This is a good practice not only to make sure that prowlers can’t get in, but that anyone in the house can get out in case of a fire.

Secure basement or crawlspace access. Examine any windows, doors, or openings to a lower level, especially those that offer interior access to your main home.

Test all outdoor lighting. If bulbs are out, replace them. Faulty wiring may also need to be fixed. Properly illuminating exterior entrances can be a great crime deterrent.

Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. If a home security system is in place, consider connecting emergency detection monitoring to this system; the speed of getting information and response from 911 dispatchers can make a huge difference in protecting your family from harm.

Locate the main water shut off valve. It’s good to know where ALL of your utility controls are, like your home’s electrical panel. But particularly in the event of a burst pipe, every second counts. Be prepared to know how to shut your water off immediately.

Install window coverings or blinds as soon as possible. Leaving the contents of your home visible and exposed to the outside world is extremely helpful for burglars. And a new family moving into a home brings new faces and utility company visits; a potentially perfect target for thieves. So don’t help them out by displaying your belongings!

Introduce yourself to neighbors. Trade phone numbers, agreeing to alert each other if you notice suspicious activity – like strangers peering into windows, possibly selecting a target for burglary.

Take insurance inventory. Create a list of your valuable items, with photo or video backup, and save it digitally to an external drive that you put in a safe deposit box or well-hidden fireproof safe. In case of theft or fire, you can get the correct insurance compensation for your belongings.

Have your HVAC unit serviced. In addition to saving on energy costs and keeping your air clean, regular service of your furnace can help spot electrical hazards and reduce your fire risk.

Install a home security system. You’re putting a great portion of your income and personal savings into your home, so why not invest a small amount each month in security? Reinforce your family’s safety and happiness in your new house – contact Fortress Security of Texas today to learn more about our free installation and activation.

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