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Why We’ll Never Knock on Your Door February 28th, 2014

Door-to-door home security alarm sales has a bad reputation, and it’s not hard to see why. As soon as the weather warms up, troops of sales people hit the streets, knocking on doors to try to sell poor quality alarm systems with strong-arm tactics. These salespeople are often unscrupulous, and in many cases are unlicensed and operating illegally in the security industry. Here are the most common sales tactics they employ, and how to protect yourself from them.

Protect Yourself from door-to-door home security sales

  • Pretending to be a representative of your current security company. Some sales people will see the sign in your front yard or the decal in your window, and claim they’re a technician with your current security system provider, there to make upgrades. Then they’ll replace your equipment with their own and get you to sign a contract – and suddenly you’re paying for two separate security monitoring services.
  • Claiming your current security company is going out of business. This happened in Indianapolis, when a company from Utah told homeowners their current provider was going under and replaced the current system. Again, homeowners found themselves paying for two monitoring services.
  • Making false promises. These sales people are often college kids working solely on commission, and they’ll say anything to make the sale. But if it’s not in the contract, it won’t be honored. Make sure you read the contract and understand what you’re signing.
  • High-pressure sales tactics. Door-to-door sales people may claim that you have to make a decision immediately to qualify for free equipment or low prices. Always call your existing security company before signing any contract with someone who just showed up at your door during dinner-time.

For more information on home security alarm scams, take a look at this article from Angie’s List on security system scams, or this consumer alert from the Texas Attorney General.

There are a number of precautions you can take to protect yourself from door-to-door alarm sales. If someone shows up at your door, no matter what company they say they’re with, ask them for their state-issued Personal Registration, state-issued Company License, and city-issued Personal Sales Permit. Even if they provide this required documentation and you’re considering doing business with them, be sure to read the contract and understand what you’re signing. Most importantly, do your research on home security services. If you already have reliable service from a reputable company at a competitive price, there’s no need to even talk to door-knockers and scammers.

And remember, Fortress Security will never knock on your door unannounced. We pride ourselves on offering the best equipment and the best service at a quality price, so give us a call to start setting up a custom system with the last security company you’ll ever need.

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