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Benefits of Home Security Cameras September 20th, 2014

Use of technology in our daily lives continues to grow, thanks to simpler, cheaper technology, including the ability to stream and store video data. This has become evident in the home security industry with the rise in popularity of home security camera usage.

A decade or two ago, this might have sounded like something only a retail store or warehouse might put to use, due to the costs of equipment to record and store footage. But now people use webcams to broadcast things 24-7; anything from a box of puppies to the construction of a building. Why not use similar technology to ensure the safety of your family and your home?

Surveillance cameras allow you to view the inside or outside of your home, whenever you want. You can watch video streaming in real time, or use a DVR to backtrack and view recorded video.

Installing these cameras in your house can be helpful in a variety of ways:

Watching over your kids. The gap between school dismissal and parents arriving home from work is something many families struggle to bridge. Parents may have a hard time determining when a child is ready to be left home alone. Home cameras can help remove the last twinges of discomfort by letting mom or dad check in on the home from their office. For homes with younger children, cameras can be used to keep an eye on the house while a teenager is babysitting.

Caring for elderly family members. With long-term care costs growing, many families opt to move in aging parents or relatives into their own homes. While evening and morning care are covered, that still leaves mom or dad home alone during the day. Camera surveillance can give you a chance to peek in and make sure a fall or medical emergency hasn’t occurred.

Monitoring pets. Working long hours with pets in the home can cause people concern for their furry loved ones. Especially young or old animals may require extra attention. With in-home security cameras, you can leave the house keep an eye on what your pets are doing in your absence.

Deterring break-ins. Skillful burglars will case a home prior to their actual robbery, and they know to look for signs of a bad break-in target, particularly home security systems and cameras. Entering a house with a full mask on can alert neighbors to a crime, so ideally thieves will dress in plain clothes or a service contractor uniform. That won’t work if you’re capturing their face on video.

Decreasing home insurance rates. By adding a home security system and the additional protection of in-home cameras, your chances of being a break-in victim are reduced. If you let your insurance company know you have this equipment installed, you may be eligible for a discount.

Protecting your business. Professionals are increasingly bringing work home with them, sometimes to a part-time home office, and sometimes running a company solely from their own homes. With this comes an added need for protection, particularly if you store customer records and/or access financial data on your home office computer.

Gaining general peace of mind. Everyone has a different living arrangement, but everyone likes to feel secure. Whether you live alone feel safer being able to monitor your home’s exterior, or you want to be able to stop worrying while going on vacation, anyone can benefit from this easy-to-install, easy-to-use technology. With wireless security cameras, you can change your location and use of them as your needs change.

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