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Why We Choose Honeywell Security Camera Equipment February 19th, 2015

Fortress Security uses Honeywell’s top of the line security equipment including its video monitoring system. We trust in the proven technologies of a company that has been in the security monitoring business for over thirty years. Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote and Video Services offer a wealth of high-tech, yet easy to use video surveillance equipment for our customers.

Total Connect Remote, the Honeywell video surveillance app, allows you to view the video produced by surveillance cameras in or around your home on your phone or tablet. No more bulky video surveillance screens, as utilized by many other security companies, to install in a central command center in your house.

The smart technology allows you to keep an eye on the entire house, from a newborn in his cozy crib to visitors walking up to the door all from a simple app.You can view live video feeds from up to six cameras on the app. Now you can view all that’s happening inside or outside your house via real-time video on your computer, smartphone or tablet while in or away from home. The app is smart, simple and easy to use.

Honeywell offers a selection of wireless cameras. You can easily relocate them to different locations within or outside the house. They are compact, light and easy to move. Honeywell also makes it easy to use previously installed cameras with the ACU (Analog Converter Unit) that converts analog cameras to wireless. This way you can save money on equipment by utilizing what is currently attached to your house.

Another compelling benefit of the Honeywell video surveillance equipment and the Total Connect app is that you can sign up for the app to send you an email or a text message every time a motion detector is activated. A text can let you know a motion sensor was activated, and new video is available for you to review. Customers can also opt to have the actual 10-second video clip of what triggered the motion detector sent.

The best part of the Honeywell video surveillance system is completely compatible and integrated with the latest in Smart home technology. From a simple app on your smartphone, tablet or computer you can access security video, control your alarm system, locks and even lights. It is all seamlessly integrated.

Here is a quick review of the Honeywell surveillance products Fortress Security features and the unique benefits that make them stand out from the competitors.

Honeywell Product Review

Combine components for a robust video surveillance package.

Honeywell Video Surveillance Cameras 

Honeywelll iPCAM-PT – Wired or wireless Indoor IP Camera with pan and tilt ability. These top of the line cameras feature a sleek, compact and portable design that is easy to move around if a customer chooses.

Honeywell iPCAM-WO – Wired or Wireless Color Outdoor IP Camera. This version of the camera is for outdoors and works in low light situations. They are capable of black and white night vision with a view of up to 20 feet.

Other Honeywell Wireless Security Equipment

Honeywell WAP-PLUS (Wireless Access Point) – This provides secure, wireless networking ability (Wi-Fi®) in iPCAM installations. It connects easily to a port on a router and is configured with iPCAMs using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) making it safe and secure.

Honeywell’s WREX (Wi-Fi Repeater Extender) – Helps enhance connectivity within a wireless Wi-Fi network for video cameras. The WREX connects between a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) enabled access point or router (e.g., WAP-PLUS) and wireless client device(s) (e.g., Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services IP cameras) to increase the coverage of the existing wireless network.

ACU – Analog Converter Unit for converting analog cameras to wireless. The Honeywell ACU is an analog converter unit that turns any analog security camera that puts out NTSC video into a Total Connect compatible camera.

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