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Beware of Bundled Security Packages! April 11th, 2014

Why a dedicated home security company is a better choice over bundled security packages:

In the past few years, the major cable and telecommunications have jumped with both feet into the home security and business security industry. Comcast began the trend with their Xfinity service, then Time Warner and AT&T followed with IntelligentHome and Digital Life. As you can tell from the names, these new services focus heavily on home automation and smart home programming – oh, yeah, and they’re also a security system.

It’s easy to see why the big cable companies would want a new revenue stream: more people are turning to the Internet and other non-traditional ways of accessing entertainment, so these companies are scrambling to retain customers and add new sources of income. But the home security industry might not be the best space for cable companies to expand into. There are several reasons why working with a dedicated home security provider is a much better choice, as we’ll explain below.

Customer Service

The cable TV industry is in last place for customer service rankings. According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, cable and internet service providers have the lowest customer satisfaction ranking of any industry, behind even airlines and healthcare companies. Many people have first-hand experience, or horror stories from friends, of fiascos with installation, billing, and service. That alone is enough to make some customers wary of getting even more entangled with their cable provider, and unwilling to trust their home security to a company that they don’t like and which has treated them poorly in the past.

When considering a security system to protect your home or business it is important to be able to trust who is coming to your home to perform the installation. Most of the big box phone and cable companies offering these bundled security packages use the lowest-bidding subcontractors to install your security system. Not only do you know nothing about these subcontractors’ trustworthiness, since they’re not screened employees, but they tend to have less motivation to perform a high quality installation and there’s less oversight to make sure your system was installed properly.


Even if you’re happy with your relationship with your cable company, their poor reputation for responsiveness and uninterrupted service might give you pause. If something goes wrong with your security system, you need it fixed now – not between 8 and 5 next Thursday. It’s one thing if your cable or internet goes out and you miss a big basketball game or can’t catch up on your favorite blogs or social networks – that’s just entertainment – but your home security system protects your family and your possessions. It needs to be 100% reliable 100% of the time, and if something does happen to go wrong, you need to know that you’re with a company who fixes issues immediately.

For example, check out the reviews of AT&T Digital Life on AT&T’s own customer web forums, detailing hassles with installation, malfunctioning technology, and months of trying to get the service provider to respond – the kind of poor reliability people put up with from their cable provider, but which is unacceptable in a home security provider.

Peace of Mind

When it comes right down to it, people get security systems so that they can have peace of mind. Having the protection of 24/7 monitoring is essential, and having some home automation and remote access can make your life more convenient, but it’s really about the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the best technology in place to protect your home and family. Dedicated home security companies, like Fortress Security, have been in the business of providing that peace of mind – in our case, for over 12 years.

So when you’re ready to get a new security system, or to upgrade your existing system, stay away from your cable company’s bundled security packages and call the experts in home security instead. We’ll help you create the perfect customized security system for your needs, install it right the first time, and stand by with our stellar customer service in case you ever need us.

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