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How Does Security System Monitoring Work (Video) March 17th, 2015

Thanks to technology, it seems every corner of the communications realm has been universally altered. This includes security monitoring, which has evolved since the early days of home security equipment.

During this evolution process, we’ve learned that two technologies are better than one. But how exactly has home security been impacted by the changing times?

Here’s how Security Monitoring works— from the olden days to our modern approach.

All About Communication

When we think of a security system, it’s tempting to focus on things that we can touch—items like control panels, keypads and sensors. These are the tangible objects that come to mind when considering home security.

But you can’t see or touch the most essential part of the security system: communication.

Think about it. When an alarm event occurs, it’s conveyed from the control panel, the brain of the system, to the central station. The central station then informs the emergency responders. Keeping the communications link in tact is vital. If that link is somehow broken, it will render a security system useless.

So, let’s put it all together. How does security system monitoring work?

The Evolution Of Technologies

You might not realize it, but you’re already a communication expert.

If you’ve ever had to select a cell phone plan, set up a home internet connection, or decide whether to keep a phone landline, you’ve dealt with many issues facing the communications industry.

Consider some important technologies:


–Voice Over IP



Decades ago, landline devices were simply known as phones. The network serving them is called POTS, or plain old telephone service. The gold standard in POTS infrastructure is actually copper. Copper wire transmits signals through telephone lines quickly, but isn’t fail-safe.

All it takes is for bad thunder storm or a seedy wire-cutter to disrupt a line.

By the 2000s, consumers began to balk at the price of conventional telephone services. Enter Voice Over IP, or VOIP, which converts analog signals to digital signals that are conveyed via the internet.

But VOIP presents problems for security. It causes signal distortion and lacks established standards, which can be detrimental to a security system.

Then cellular communications came along. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who does not have a cell phone. But how do cell phones work? In a nutshell: Cellular radio networks divide land into regions cells. Finding available frequencies per cell. Radio signals are then transmitted from a device to base stations.

Cellular radio networks can transmit security alarm signals. These wireless networks are tamper-resistant and fast. They require power, but battery back ups can be used.

We all know that broadband internet is essential for personal and business life. But it can be key for security as well. A cost effective solution, internet offers feature-rich functionality, but requires power and connection speed varies.

So, let’s Recap…

So what should you do? At Fortress, we rely on stable and dependable cellular networks. Combined with the Honeywell’s alarm net network operating center, we deliver a solution made robust through redundancy.

Today’s communications technologies have evolved and given way to many consumer benefits that allow them to stay connected like never before. With the award-winning Honeywell Total Connect services, people stay connected to their homes and businesses from anywhere in the world.

Fortress provides you with their premier devices and equipment. You’ll be able to operate your security system and control lights, locks and thermostats from your smart phone and mobile devices.

So, stay in the know with you home security monitoring and remember how the evolution of technologies and communications is keeping you safe.


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