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How Honeywell’s GPS Vehicle Tracking Service Can Help You April 22nd, 2015

It’s true; security isn’t confined to home or business locations.

Business owners and private residents alike can benefit from having a system that monitors the location and movements of their vehicles. Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services do just that. The service is an extension of Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote services, which already have an impressive track record for protecting homes and businesses.

Who Can Use It?

Vehicle tracking is ideal for small business owners who want to know if their employees are staying on task, or for parents who want to make sure their teen driver made it safely to school. The different kinds of uses vary from customer to customer.

Businesses uses include:

  • Pinpointing the travel path and time for delivery of goods and supplies.
  • Tracking on-call-service vehicles to increase efficiency of operations.
  • Monitor driver activity for a business with a fleet of vehicles.
  • Protect expensive equipment, heavy machinery, or containers from theft.

Personal uses include:

  • Tracking a stolen car, truck or van.
  • See when recreational vehicles like boats, ATVs, or motorcycles are being used by family or stolen.
  • Keep an eye on teenage or elderly family members you worry about while on the road.

The service goes hand-in-hand with our security systems since it’s compatible with the existing Total Connect Remote Services App you use to monitor and control alarms, door locks, energy settings, and streaming video.

Tracking Devices

  • Honeywell Total Connect Vehicle Tracker (TCVT2): Used in most on-road vehicles; great for cars, trucks and vans. This tracker plugs into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system port (OBD-II).
  • Honeywell Total Connect Asset Tracker (TCAT): Used in vehicles without an OBD port such as boats, ATVs, jet skis, RVs, classic cars, and construction equipment.
  • Honeywell Total Connect Asset Tracker with Extended Battery (TCAT-EB): Used in assets without constant power, such as shipping containers and heavy machinery.

It’s an excellent system, with dynamic usability and high quality devices, making it a no brainer for anyone who has the desire to protect valuables that move. We’re pleased to offer this extra layer of protection for people and their businesses or families.

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