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Take Control with our Total Connect Smartphone App March 14th, 2014

Fortress Security’s Total Connect smartphone app lets you control your complete smart home security system from the palm of your hand.

Today’s mobile security features go beyond just arming and disarming your security system – now you can use your iPhone or Android device to lock and unlock doors, set lighting levels, manage your home thermostat, and even watch streaming surveillance camera video or create a variety of scenes for events like “bedtime” or “leave for work” which will automatically control or activate selected devices throughout your home for that particular event.  So upon leaving the home – the security system will arm, lights dim, door locks and thermostat adjusts.  Voilá! Keeping life simple.


The home screen of Fortress Security's Total Connect home security system smartphone app

The Basics of the Total Connect Security System App

Never again worry about whether or not you armed the security system when you left the house – Total Connect tells you the system’s status through the app’s wireless remote connection to your security system.

Even better, you’ll never have to drive back home to arm the system after you forget.  Just select the button on the app and the system is armed or disarmed, whenever you need, no matter where you are.  And you can choose between “Arm Away,” for when no one’s home, and “Arm Stay,” when people are in the house, to arm the system without motion detectors.


Lighting and temperature automation in Fortress Security's Total Connect home security system smartphone app

Lighting and Temperature Automation

You can access and control all of your lighting and temperature controls right from your smartphone.

Check what temperature the thermostat is set at, and adjust the heating and cooling remotely through the app’s integration with our Honeywell Energy Management system.

With the Z-Wave lighting system, turn lights on or off or adjust the intensity of your lighting.  And with automatic remote door locks and deadbolts, featuring a keypad as well as traditional keyhole, you can lock or unlock your door no matter where you are.


Live home security system video surveillance Fortress Security's Total Connect smartphone app

Video Camera Surveillance

Fortress Security offers a variety of video surveillance security cameras so you can keep track of your home, yard, vehicles, family room – anywhere you need to keep an eye on.

These cameras integrate with the Total Connect app so that you can check on them anywhere at any time, whether you want to see who’s at the front door or you need to make sure the kids got home from school – even if you’re on a business trip.

The Total Connect smartphone app brings your home automation up to speed, integrating your alarm system with your locks, lighting, and temperature, and giving you unprecedented access to keeping an eye on your home and property.

You can be in control of your home’s systems wherever you are.
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