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Why You Need a Wireless Security System April 14th, 2014

If your security system monitoring runs through your landline, you’re putting everything at risk.

Picture this: it’s the middle of the night and your home is empty while you and your family are out of town. But you have a home security system installed, it’s armed, and you pay your premium every month, so your home and possessions should be safe. Right?

Well, if that security system is still based on a telephone landline, you’re wrong. A smart burglar will cut the landline from outside of your house, break in, and silence the alarm by just pulling it off the wall. In under 30 seconds, he has disabled your system and no signal was ever sent to the central monitoring station – and the time and money you invested in your home security turns out to have been wasted.

For decades, landline-based home alarm systems – that is, security systems that alert a central monitoring station over the home’s telephone line – were the gold standard in the security industry. Landline security monitoring was a fast, reliable, and effective way of alerting the authorities in case of a fire or break-in… and it was the only option.

Now, with the technological breakthroughs of the past few decades, you have better, faster, and more reliable options. Some home security systems use broadband cable (the line that supplies your cable television and internet) to transmit signals to the central monitoring station. That’s fast, but it has the exact same problem: a savvy burglar will just cut the line before entering your home.

That’s why Fortress Security recommends a wireless security system.

With a wireless transmitter like our 4G Cell Guard Unit, there’s no wire for a burglar to cut. When your home alarm system is triggered, the wireless cell guard communicator contacts the central monitoring station wirelessly. With 4G technology, it’s the fastest communicator on the market. As an added bonus, this means you don’t have to hang onto your landline phone, if you’d been thinking about cutting your expenses and ditching your home phone bill.

The technology has moved on. Shouldn’t your home security system be keeping up?
Give us a call and see how easy it is to upgrade your home and family’s safety to the ultimate in protection.

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