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How an Automated Home Security System Works March 14th, 2016


Your milk is about to expire. How do you know? Your smart fridge just let you know. This technology isn’t available at most houses yet, but it will be soon. Every day, an average of 5.5 million smart devices are being connected in homes around the world. According to Gartner research there will be 6.4 billion of these “Internet of Things” devices by year’s end, and 20.8 billion devices by 2020. Automated homes are the wave of the future, and the future is here.

Smart home door locks, smart home thermostats, smart home security systems and cameras: you’ve heard the phrase smart home be thrown around, but what does it mean?

A smart home means an automated home. Tasks are done automatically without the owner manually having to do anything. No more leaving the key under the mat. You can remotely unlock your door from an app while at work to let in your housekeeper. Your smart thermostat “learns” that you leave for work every day at 8:30 AM. Following this pattern it turns down the air while you’re at work and then cycles back on so it’s the perfect temperature for when you get home. Saving you money, around an average of 33% (using this smart thermostat) in the process.

What does automated home security mean to you? Your phone can text you that the outside home security camera has been triggered while you are gone on a business trip. Watch the footage from anywhere in the world. Watch the nanny and the baby on your cell phone while in a boring meeting.

As these products advance into the next generation they will also begin to communicate with one another. For example, your car will let your thermostat know you are coming home even if it it’s the middle of the day on a Wednesday. Your thermostat will turn up the air just how you like it, even if it it’s out of your ordinary arrival time. The smart home will learn to communicate without you!

Is this starting to sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. The good thing about the modern smart home is you can pick and choose the features that work for your family. An automated home can help you save money in the long run in many ways. Just think of the savings on utility costs with smart lighting and thermostats. An automated home security system can save money too with sophisticated features and provide something priceless – peace of mind.

Fortress has many automated home security features and you might be surprised at their accessibly and affordability including: Keychain remote, smart phone remote access, text and email notification, weather forecasting, smart lighting control and smart door locks among other items. The future is now when it comes to smart home security choices.

Our trained advisors will help you create a custom home or business security solution tailored to your specific needs. Call us today to get started.

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