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Shrink Household Bills with Energy Management Technology July 16th, 2014

If you haven’t heard much talk about smart home automation and energy management yet, you will soon. As household utility bills have been rising, so has the popularity of systems that control heating and cooling digitally.

Also called “The Internet of Things,” smart home technology is the next logical step for a world in which people access nearly every aspect of their lives online, from making mortgage payments to buying movie tickets. Now instead of worrying what the thermostat is set to, or if you left the lights on, you can immediately log in and see for yourself.

The Houston Business Journal published information from a recent study by the consulting firm Accenture PLC describing the forecasted trends in energy management technology:

“The projected interest in smart meters and other digital services is expected to rise from 7 percent to 57 percent in the next five years, due to the expectation that they will help reduce energy bills, increase comfort and convenience, and enable remote control of home devices, according to the report.”

It comes as no surprise that interest levels in the warm climate of Texas are already high, with 53 percent of customers currently showing interest in smart home tech. Texans are looking for ways to reduce their bills, which are higher than most in the US: A recent report from WalletHub found that Texas ranked 47th in their list of average electric bills by state, from lowest to highest, at $137 per month.

For some, efforts to reduce utility bills might mean drastic lifestyle changes. But for most consumers, it means awareness of and control over day-to-day energy usage. They’re buying energy-efficient appliances and windows, using LED light bulbs, and now, adding energy management technology to their homes.

Home automation, like building automation for commercial structures, not only offers remote access and programmed settings for HVAC systems, but also interior and exterior lighting, gate and door locks, and home security alarms. Once considered a luxury home item, the high adoption rate of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets has made activation of these services more affordable and opened up a much broader market.

Depending on the provider, these products and services may come already bundled, or customized based on the needs of the resident. Control options are not limited to a mobile device; typically a touch screen panel is installed in the home as well, and keychain remotes are available for on-site access.

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