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Home Automation Q & A November 4th, 2015

Smart home automation and energy management is still a relatively new concept and many families are starting to add these features to their home, for financial savings as well as home security. Consumers still have plenty of questions about what home automation is and what the benefits are. Let us help you out with some answers.


Q: Is automation the same as timers on thermostats and lights?

A: No, although time-based events can be part of your set up. Home automation combines timed events with the use of “scenes” that you can select with the click of a button. Since your schedule isn’t the same every day, planning out energy management by the clock won’t always work perfectly.

Scenes are designed around a set of circumstances your home will be in daily. For instance, when you choose “Goodnight,” your thermostat, lighting, locks, and alarm will all change to exactly how you would like them to be activated while you’re asleep. So if you go to bed at 11 p.m. instead of 10 p.m., you won’t have to worry about timed alarm settings being armed or the home heat dropping too soon.

A setting like “Away” customizes all of the settings you prefer when you’re not at home. Instead of just setting your home security alarm when you leave the house, you can also change lighting, and heating and cooling settings with the same touch of a button.

Q: How hard is it to set these controls? Will I need a technician to assist me?

A: The user interface on control panels like the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch and Honeywell LYNX Touch are very easy to use, even for technology novices. You can change these on your own at any time, including remotely from a mobile device with the Total Connect App.

Watch our instructional videos to get an idea of how simple it is to create scenes and set up automation in your home.


Q: What equipment will I need to buy? Can I just automate any device in my home?

A: Automation relies on something called Z-Wave technology, a communication feature built into certain thermostats and devices you can attach to home lighting, appliances, and shades to be drawn and raised. If you want exterior doors to automatically lock, those will also require a special keypad doorknob.

The good news is that these devices pay for themselves over time, with greater efficiency in home energy consumption. The convenience and comfort you experience is just a bonus!


Q: What’s the benefit of bundling smart home technology with my home security system?

A: For one service, you’ll be able to monitor your home settings in one place. Having control over your home and its security go hand-in-hand. The Total Connect App is really the biggest advantage, consolidating everything important you need to check on and allowing you to change settings, all in one place.


Interested in a free home automation system quote? We’ll give you a call and answer all of your questions.

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