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Save on Heating Bills with Home Automation Tools November 12th, 2014

After a brief fall reprieve in home energy costs, get ready to see your bills start to increase again, this time for home heating. But with the right home automation tools, you can manage your utility usage to reduce those expenses.

Mother Nature seems to be unsure which season we are in here in Texas – this fall has been unusually unpredictable! Fortress Security takes the reigns from Mother Nature and gives you control with the Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat. The savings will add up and you can buy something nice for your significant other or take the family on an outing. Either way you win!

This thermostat is designed for quick installation and easy use. Packed with convenient features, it gives you the ability to remotely manage your home’s temperature and save money by reducing energy consumption.
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Fortress Security Introduces Multi-Vehicle Monitoring Service November 10th, 2014

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Nov 10, 2014 – This month, Fortress Security launched a new vehicle-tracking service for households and businesses wanting to review location and behavior information. Leveraging Honeywell Total ConnectTM Tracking Services, GPS and diagnostic technology integrates with web-based monitoring software to collect data on all networked vehicles. The service can be integrated with the Total ConnectTM app, currently used for managing security and building automation, which gives the user a host of remote-access features.

“Our Tracking Services offer a wide range of practical uses, but ultimately, what our customers get is peace of mind that they know the drivers and their property can be instantly located if the need arises,” said Jerrod Smith, owner of Fortress Security, based in Arlington, Texas. “Some of our customers carry a high amount of risk being responsible for a number of company or family vehicles, and we’re hoping this service takes some of the worry off of their shoulders.”
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Halloween Home Security October 16th, 2014

With Halloween just around the corner, moms and dads are struggling to find time to find the perfect costumes for their kids and get spooky decorations in place. Having fun is the focus of the day, so it’s easy to forget to take some security precautions.

There are many great lists of Halloween safety tips for protecting your kids as they go from house to house. But the holiday is also known for some dangerous behaviors, which can impact the security of your home.

There are two common kinds of problems more common on October 31. You may have misguided “pranksters” doing accidental or intentional minor property damage. The other risk is a bit more serious: criminals using the cover of heightened activity to stake out a break-in target.

While they differ in severity, both types of troublemakers are going to approach houses that seem to offer the least chance of getting caught. Read on to learn a few ways to make your house an unlikely choice for either group.
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Making the Most of Your Burglar Alarm October 9th, 2014

Best practices for using a burglar alarm, from Texas home security experts.

The trauma of a home invasion is something people often don’t understand until they’ve lived through it. Feeling the violation of your personal space is unnerving; walking through your home after a break-in, you can see the disregard a stranger had for belongings that you handle with care and pride.

Whether you have gone through this experience already or seek to avoid it altogether, one of the first prevention ideas many people have is to install a home security system. While there are a number of ways to deter break-ins, installation of a burglar alarm remains one of the top methods.

While the simple presence of a burglar alarm is a good first step, there are several key factors that can amplify the power of these security systems to protect your home.
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Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000 Panel Now Available October 1st, 2014

Texas security system installer is among the first wave of companies implementing the new-to-market touchscreen for business and home automation and security monitoring.

Sept. 30, 2014 – This month, Fortress Security announces availability of the highly-anticipated Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000 (L7000) to its customers. In April, a sample of the product debuted at the popular security conference ISC West 2014. In addition to expanding the capacity of existing tools like video streaming, Honeywell has tacked on brand new technologies, including flash updates and critical elements like two-way voice over wireless communication.

“We’re excited to help Honeywell introduce this great new product that takes advantage of rapidly-advancing technology,’” said Jerrod Smith, owner of Fortress Security, headquartered in Arlington, Texas. “People are so used to being able to launch updates and communicate instantly through their mobile devices. Now their home security and automation panel can meet the expectations being driven by high frequency of app updates on phones and tablets.”
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Benefits of Home Security Cameras September 20th, 2014

Use of technology in our daily lives continues to grow, thanks to simpler, cheaper technology, including the ability to stream and store video data. This has become evident in the home security industry with the rise in popularity of home security camera usage.

A decade or two ago, this might have sounded like something only a retail store or warehouse might put to use, due to the costs of equipment to record and store footage. But now people use webcams to broadcast things 24-7; anything from a box of puppies to the construction of a building. Why not use similar technology to ensure the safety of your family and your home?
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Houston Expansion Covered in Security Systems News September 17th, 2014

This September, Fortress Security spoke to industry news outlet Security System News about their recent service expansion to the Houston metro area. Owner Jerrod Smith highlighted the benefits of launching in a new city, thanks to a good hiring climate in Houston, plus tools that allow technicians to work remotely on tablet computers without reporting to a brick and mortar storefront. He also talked about the focus on customer service Fortress offers.

The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Smith said customers give Fortress five-star ratings because “we are a small company and we take a little more time with our customers in the sales process and also the installation process and then … making our customers feel like they’re not just completely forgotten about after the install is really important to us.”

Smith gave additional information on plans to move into other nearby markets in Texas, with sights set on San Antonio as the next area of service.

Launching in Houston opens a gateway to Austin and San Antonio, Smith said. “Geographically, [Houston] is obviously a much closer base than DFW would be, so when we have some installation overflow that we need techs to handle, it would be much easier for them to go from Houston to Austin for support than it would be from DFW to Austin,” Smith explained.

Fortress Security is currently offering free installation and activation of home security systems. Houston residents can request a quote for monthly service online.

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New Home Move-In Security Tips September 9th, 2014

Moving into a new home brings a flurry of activity and excitement. You have so much to get unpacked and in order; but before you get settled, you want to make sure your home is secure. Read our to-do list for moving into a new place.

Change locks on all doors. This should be one of the first things you do when renting or buying a home. Even if you know the former residents and trust them, you never know who they lent a key to once and forgot about.

Reprogram your garage door. Like keys, there can be multiple openers calibrated to one garage door opener, and you may not be in possession of all of them when you move in. Limiting access to all of your property is ideal, even if your garage is detatched from your home. These devices differ, so look into the reset process of your particular model.

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Fortress Security Issues Reminder to Be on Alert for Home Security Scams August 29th, 2014

DALLAS, TEXAS – Aug 29, 2014 – Fortress Security, a security and monitoring provider in Texas, warns residents to be wary of door-to-door solicitors engaging in home security systems scams (link to site once published), particular strategies aimed at those who already have service in place. Jerrod Smith, founder and owner of Fortress Security, urges consumers to do sufficient research and be aware of common deceptive practices.

“We’ve heard of agents claiming a particular company ‘asked us to come by and just simply upgrade your system since it’s old – free of charge,’” said Smith. “Our customers have been told, ‘Fortress Security has gone out of business and we are here to transfer your service over to us.’”

When accepting a supposed upgrade without carefully reading the new contract, a homeowner may not immediately realize they are agreeing to concurrent service, or even that they are signing on with a completely new company. While many consumers are aware of the importance of diligent research, clever sales agents add incentives to speed the process along by claiming they offer savings only available by signing the agreement on the spot.
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Back to School Safety Checklist August 11th, 2014

Just as you’re getting the hang of your summer schedule, the start of the next school year is right around the corner. As you rush around collecting pencils, paper, books, and new clothes for your kids, remember to prepare for the coming changes to your routine, too.

Your kids are getting older and with every year that passes, they get new freedom and responsibility. But with that comes a little more risk. Before the first day of classes, you might want to review some important rules and good practices with them. Use this back-to-school safety checklist to get that conversation started.
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